Center for Regional Analysis

The Center for Regional Analysis (CRA) mission is to provide research and technical assistance to local government and businesses, primarily located in the Washington DC Metro region. These efforts focus on economic, demographic, transportation, housing and fiscal issues.

Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy

The Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy (TP3 Policy Center) mission is to advance research, education and public service in the understanding of public-private partnership policy in the transportation sector.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is an interdisciplinary hub in the School of Business that supports innovators and changemakers from all Mason schools and programs.

From innovative courses and clubs to makerspaces and competitions, CIE offers participants opportunities to explore and learn about creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, experiment with concepts and tools, and startup a venture or initiative.

Mason Transportation Institute

Our driving simulation facilities include a high-fidelity, motion-based simulator, and several lower fidelity desktop simulators for rapid-prototyping.

The motion-based simulator is equipped with a digital dashboard, a touch screen ancillary display console for examining new visual interfaces, and two custom designed seat pans for presenting vibrotactile signals.

Our research funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is primarily aimed at assessing driver behaviors to establish human factors guidelines for the driver-vehicle interface for Human Factors for Connected Vehicles and Crash Warnings Interface Metrics.

Center for Collision Safety and Analysis

The Center for Collision Safety and Analysis (CCSA) at GMU is focused on using advanced technology to understand collisions involving transport vehicles and to develop means to avoid or mitigate them to enhance safety and security.

CCSA brings together a strong and richly experienced team of scientists and engineers.

CCSA is associated with the College of Science at George Mason University and the National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS).

Center for Air Transportation Systems Research

The Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) mission is to foster excellence in education and research in Air Transportation System Engineering.

Director, Lance Sherry

Contributions to the field include:

Transportation network-of-networks simulation, optimization, and analysis
Complex adaptive systems simulation and analysis
NNAS, airport and airspace simulation and performance analysis
Rare-event safety analysis for systems and devices
Aviation environment (noise and emissions)
Strategic planning and forecasting/industrial sector economics
Auctions and other allocation schemes
Portfolio analysis/costs-benefits analysis
Flightdeck design and human factors

Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship

The George Mason University Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (CREE) seeks to advance real estate research and education in the real estate development profession and welcomes partners in their research and education mission

The Center serves to
... advance real estate knowledge through innovative and pertinent multidisciplinary research on real estate development and finance;
... address critical and timely issues of interest to the development and finance communities;
... hold seminars, workshops, symposia, and forums to examine the current state of the industry and to anticipate future industry opportunities and challenges; and
... support the highest quality real estate degree and executive education programs that prepare both students and industry professionals alike for tomorrow's real estate environment, specifically the MS in Real Estate Development.

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