Safe Automated Shuttles

A cross-disciplinary group of faculty is proposing a Mason Autonomous Vehicle Systems (MAVS) Lab as a George Mason University research initiative that would pilot driverless electric shuttles at Mason and in Fairfax City.

MAVS is proposing a three phase development strategy.

Phase I-  Pilot a driverless electric shuttle system between Mason and downtown Fairfax City on University Drive;

Phase II- Expand the pilot to the West Campus shuttle including other on demand routes and extending the Fairfax route to Route 50; and

Phase III- Replace the CUE bus system and Mason to Metro Shuttle with SASSy shuttles and guidance systems for driver controlled cars and trucks. 

New Projects Overview

Below are some of the plans and possible new projects for the Mason Neighborhood.

West Campus Vision

George Mason hosted a three-day planning workshop on May 22,23,and 24, 2017, to explore various short and long term visions for the Fairfax West Campus and Southwest Sector and its connections to Fairfax City, Fairfax County and region.

Mason Farm & Ribbon Park Proposal

Use portion of Mason's West Campus and Shirley Gate-Braddock (SG-B) properties to produce food for campus dining facilities, local groceries, and restaurants. Connect properties with main campus via ribbon park.

Braddock Mixed-use Development

Expand Mason's Innovative Neighborhood plans (Oxbridge?) by creating infrastructure and development guidelines for mixed use development along Braddock and Shirley Gate roads.

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