Tips for Viewers


Below are some tips for viewing content in this Hub.

Hub Header

Hub Title

The Hub title is always in the upper left portion of the Header (top of web page). Select (click on or tap) the Hub title to return to the Hub’s home page. Usually the tag to the right of the Hub title will be “Learn. Collaborate. Innovate.” (the overarching goals of our Open Networks Hubs). When the Hub title is an acronym, then the tag will be the acronyms name.

ON icon

The ON icon in the upper left is the logo for Open Networks. Hover over or select the ON icon to see links related to the Hub.

Search icon

Select the search icon in the upper right of the header to search all content in the Hub. Enter your search words and either select the search icon in the field or hit return.

Quick Links icon

Hover or select the Quick Links icon next to the Search icon to view links to Sponsor or most useful related websites websites.


Hover or select the silhouette in the upper right to see the “ON Member tips” and “Viewer Tips”. The silhouette is also where you log in as an Open Networks (ON) member (go to the ON member tips to see how to become a member). Once you are logged in as a ON member, you will see the “Become a Hub member” option as well as the “Edit my Account” option.

Become a Hub Member

Any ON member can become a Hub member for free. Once you become a Hub member, you will be able to comment on Hub posts as well as author posts. As long as you are a Hub member in good standing, all your posts will appear in at least one category in the Hub. Your posts are submitted to the Hub’s curators as drafts and they decide where to locate your post(s).

Edit my Account

Once you have selected “Edit my Account”, you will be able to see your account information and change your password.


CC-BY-NC icon

Selecting the CC-BY-NC icon in far left of the footer (at bottom of web page) takes you to a post about what authors can do with content in any Open Networks Hub. All content is considered CC-BY-NC unless otherwise specified.

Open Networks

Select “Open Networks” in footer to learn more about our non-profit social enterprise. You can also find this post under the Quick Link icon.

Lead Curator

The footer will have the name and email address of the lead Curator for the Hub.

Social Networks

Most Hubs will have their own YouTube channel, Twitter account, and LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Select the appropriate icon in the far right of the footer to go to the Hub’s specific social network page.

Home Page

Featured Post

Each Hub home page has a featured post that gives first time visitors an overview of what’s in a The central Hub for a knowledge network like the Neuroscience Knowledge Network (or NKN) will have a graphic that has links to all the Hubs within that knowledge network.

Home page Widgets

Below the featured post in the home page are various widgets that feature different kinds of content. The Hub’s curators determine what posts appear in the home page widgets.  When one goes to the home page of a Hub, the widget that will first appear on a smart phone is the one at the top left. The widget below it will appear next etc.

Browsing Hub Categories

Hub content is displayed in the form of posts. Posts have a primary category they are located in. Posts may also have one or more secondary categories where they can be found. Categories can be browsed by hovering over or selecting the tabs in the turquoise bar under the Header. [Search for categories coming soon]. The first category under each category is the “Home” category for that topic. Here the Hub’s curators will place the most appropriate posts in the order that the curators determine.

Content Specific Tabs

The first three to six tabs in a Hub are specific to a Hub and determined by the Hub’s curators.

Universal Tabs

The “About”, “News & Events”, “Resources”, and “Directory” tabs and drop downs are standard for all Hubs. The “Expo” tab and drop downs are also standard for all robust Hubs. The Expo is a 24 x 7 place on each Hub where individuals and  for-profit and non-profit organizations and groups  can advertise their products and services. A Hub’s Expo is a segregated area on the Hub with a unique viewing experience for exhibitors/advertisers. No exhibit will appear anywhere else on a Hub.

Site Nav Icon

The Site Navigation (Nav) icon is to the left of the “About” tab and enables viewers to see and access all the Hub’s categories  and sub-categories in one location.

Select the Site Nav icon to view the first level of categories. To open the next level of categories, select the forward arrow. To close a level of categories, select the down arrow. To go to a slider view of all the categories, select the name of the category. To close the Site nav, select the Site Nav icon.

Category Trail

To go to a category, hover over (or tap on) a category title in the Category bar. There maybe 3 to 4 levels of sub-categories within each top level category. Once in a sub-category,  if the category is blue then there are categories below. Select the blue category for a drop down of sub-categories.


All posts have a title, feature image, and excerpt. Posts can be browsed in a slide show format (slider) or as widgets below the slider.

To view the entire post from the slider, click (or tap) on the featured image or on the title. To view the post from a widget not on the home page, double click on the widget. Single click anywhere on a widget opens the post’s excerpt. Note: Home page widgets require only a single click. Clicking on home page widget titles will take you to a slider with all the widgets in that category.

There are many ways to view posts in sliders.

  1. If you have a keyboard, you can use the forward and back arrow keys.
  2. With your mouse or your finger, you can select the forward and back arrows in the slider (they will appear for the first few seconds when first viewing a slider) or select the numbers in the slider bar.
  3. You can view all the posts as a slide show by selecting the “play” button in the slider bar At any time during a slide show, you can hover over any part of the slider or numbers to “pause” the slide show or you can turn off the slide show by selecting the “Pause” button.

To return to the home page, click (or tap) once on the Site title in the header.

Contacting the Network Administrator

If you have any more questions or feedback on the viewing user experience, please send your emails to:

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