Fairfax City Government

The City of Fairfax is an independent city centrally located in Northern Virginia.

City Government address: 10455 Armstrong Street Fairfax, Virginia 22030

The city of Fairfax is an enclave surrounded by the separate political entity Fairfax County.

The city is 17 miles west of Washington, D.C. The city is part of the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as a part of Northern Virginia.

The Metro's Orange Line serves Fairfax through its Vienna station, which is a mile northwest of the city limits. The CUE Bus managed by the City, Fairfax Connection, and WMATA Metrobuses have stops in Fairfax City. Virginia Railway Express's Burke Centre station is situated three miles southeast of the city's boundaries.  George Mason University, Virginia's largest public educational institution, is located along the city's southern border.

Fairfax City Mayor and Council

The City of Fairfax has a council/manager form of government. The mayor and six councilmembers are elected every two years on an at-large, non-partisan basis. The current term expires 6/30/2018.

The City Council is an elected public body that typically meets the first Tuesday of the month for work session to discuss issues and develop consensus; however, no formal action may be taken.  Work sessions are held in the Work Session Room located in Room 111 of the City Hall Annex.

The City Council typically meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month for regular meetings for public hearings and action items and to allow for public comment.  Council meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held in Council Chambers located in Room 100 of the City Hall Annex, 10455 Armstrong Street.

The City Council conducts no meetings during the month of August and additional meetings may be called as necessary.

David L. Meyer

Mayor, Fairfax City, VA
Former Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA (2008-17)

A city resident since 1981, he has actively supported the Appalachia Service Project and the Fairfax Police Youth Club. He is a member of Fairfax United Methodist Church.  Meyer also is a Trustee of Randolph-Macon College.

Jeffrey C. Greenfield

Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA
Member, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority

Jeffrey C. Greenfield is serving his twelfth term on City Council.

Greenfield serves on a number of other boards and commissions, including the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors, COG Metropolitan Development Policy Committee, and the COG Human Service and Public Safety Committee.

A member of the 1993 Bond Referendum Task Force, Greenfield also served as the vice chair of the Fairfax 2020 Commission and was a member of that committee's Economic Development Subcommittee. He served as vice chair of the city's Park and Recreation Advisory Board and was vice-chair of the city's Task Force for a More Livable City of Fairfax.

Michael J. DeMarco

Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA
Manager, Global Customer Service Support of ExxonMobil’s Fuels, Lubricants and Specialties Business

Michael J. DeMarco is serving his third term on City Council.

DeMarco serves on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Metropolitan Air Quality Committee and Aviation Policy Committee; the Virginia Municipal League Community and Economic Development Committee; and the Potomac Watershed Roundtable, among others.

He previously served as chair of the City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority.

Daniel Drummond

Councilmember, Fairfax City Council, Fairfax, VA
Director of Communications
, Certified Financial Planners Board, Washington, DC

Currently serving from February 2017 until mid-September 2017 as an appointment to fill a portion of a term. Previously, I was first elected in May 2008 and re-elected in 2010 and 2012. Did not run for re-election in 2014.

Janice B. Miller

Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA
Travel consultant, The Travel Gals

Janice B. Miller is serving her third term on City Council.

Miller served her first term on City Council from 1992-94, and was elected for her second term in 2014.

Miller serves on numerous regional boards, including the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Human Services & Public Safety Policy Committee and the Virginia Municipal League Human Development and Education Committee.

Eleanor D. Schmidt

Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA
Executive vice president and chief compliance officer, Cardinal Bank.

Eleanor D. Schmidt is serving her fourth term on City Council.

She represents the city on regional boards including the Virginia Municipal League Finance Committee.

Schmidt has served on the board of directors of Historic Fairfax City, Inc., as chair of the Independence Day Celebration Committee and in various positions on the Industrial Development Authority, City of Fairfax 2020 Commission, Festival of Lights and Carols Committee and Chocolate Lovers Festival Committee. She also served as the color commentator of the Independence Day Celebration Committee.

Jon R. Stehle, Jr.

Councilmember, Fairfax City, VA
Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Jon R. Stehle, Jr., is serving his first term on City Council.

Stehle, a city resident since 2007, has chaired the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. He also served on the Green Acres Feasibility Study Committee and City of Fairfax Branding Advisory Committee.

The Oxford Row resident, who served as president of the Oxford Row Civic Association, is a strategic performance management lead with a federally funded research and development center. As a senior analyst with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), he received a GAO Meritorious Service Award in 2013.

Robert L. Sisson

City Manager, City of Fairfax, Virginia

The City Manager implements city policy as determined by the Mayor and City Council by providing management and administrative support.

Dept. of Community Development & Planning

The Department of Community Development and Planning is comprised of a team of professionals committed to cultivating a more livable Fairfax

The City takes pride in consistently providing courteous and efficient service to the community and delivering high-quality plans, programs, and development review.

The Department is comprised of three divisions:
The Community Development Division
The Planning Division
The Zoning Administration Division

Brooke Hardin

Director, Department of Community Development and Planning, Fairfax City, VA

Prior to becoming the Director of theCommunity Development and Planning Department, Hardin served as the city’s Planning Division chief from 2011 to 2014.

Hardin spent nearly a decade with the City of Richmond, Va., finishing his service as that city’s deputy director of Planning and Development Review Department. He also worked in economic development for Isle of Wight County, Va., and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Planning Commission

The City of Fairfax Planning Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council to plan for the future development of the city.

Among its common duties, the Planning Commission:
Prepares the Comprehensive Plan;
Reviews the Comprehensive Plan every five years to determine the need for revisions;
Reviews and acts on applications to subdivide land;

Makes recommendations to City Council on:
Capital Improvement Program
Applications for rezoning; and
Zoning Text Amendments.

Joseph Harmon

Member, Fairfax City Planning Commission
President, Questox Corporation

As an IT project management professional, I am an experienced website developer who enjoys the creative side of computers. I am the owner of a new media company providing websolutions at Questox.com and Kudosz.com. Additionally, I am involved in my local community, and have been appointed by the City Council to a few boards and commissions in the City of Fairfax.

Fairfax City Economic Development Authority

The Fairfax City EDA fosters economic development to promote strong commercial revenue, sustainable jobs, and resources for residents by attracting, expanding, retaining, and supporting small business professionals, retailers, and hospitality.

The EDA is an organization that promotes a vibrant, growing business environment for city residents. In addition, this supportive environment will assist businesses to start and grow in the city, which creates a strong and sustainable community. A core component of the EDA’s responsibilities involves attracting quality businesses to the City by making it easier to relocate and establish businesses within the city.

The EDA is comprised of seven commissioners, independently appointed by the City Council for four year terms. Though a separate unit of government, the EDA works closely with Fairfax City Hall through the Director of Economic Development.

Cindy Petkac

Planning Division Chief, Community Development & Planning, City of Fairfax Virginia

Professional Urban Planner

Fairfax City Public Works

The employees of the Department of Public Works strive to provide efficient, cost-effective and high quality services to the citizens of the City of Fairfax.

The largest department in the City of Fairfax, consisting of four divisions, Public Works is responsible for functions that keep the City operating.

Fairfax City Transportation Division

The goal of the Transportation Division is to provide a safe, functional and attractive multi-modal network of sidewalks, bicycle paths, public transportation options and roadways within the City of Fairfax.

Transportation planning in the City should be viewed from both the local and regional perspectives. The City of Fairfax, located 15 miles outside of Washington, D.C., is centrally located within the D.C. metropolitan area.  The City’s multimodal transportation system, comprised of public transportation, bicycle routes, sidewalks, and roadways, provides important transportation connections within both the City and the region.


Two-Year Transportation Program

Fairfax City is in the process of developing a two-year transportation program to address the community’s priorities for new transportation infrastructure and programs and wants your input!

Open house on Monday, September 18 at 7pm at City Hall

The Two-Year Program is the City’s short-term work plan to implementing the City’s long term transportation vision. The Two-Year Program will be updated every year to add one additional out year. The long term transportation vision is described in the Multimodal Transportation Plan.


David Summers

Director of Public Works, City of Fairfax, VA

Manage the over 160 employees of the Department of Public Works.

Creation and implementation of an 11 million dollar operating budget and over a 20 million dollar Capital Project Budget. The department provides efficient, cost-effective and high quality services to the citizens of the City of Fairfax.

Wendy Block Sanford

Transportation Director, City of Fairfax, Virginia

Christopher M. Bruno

Director of Economic Development, City of Fairfax, Virginia

Steve Stombres

Former Mayor and Councilmember, Fairfax VA
Partner, Harbinger Strategies

Mr. Stombres was elected to the Fairfax City Council in 2008 and retired from the City Council in 2014 after three terms in office. Mr. Stombres graduated in 1993 from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and holds a B.A. in History. He and his wife Kristen, and their children Katherine, Elaine, and James currently reside in Fairfax, Virginia

Dorothy Steele

Deputy City Clerk, City Manager's Office, City of Fairfax, Fairfax, VA

John Mason

Mayor (1990-2002), City of Fairfax, Fairfax, VA
Former President & CEO,
 Workhouse Arts Center

Regional Transportation Policy Professional

Managed SAIC division and operation. Focused on regional transportation policy analysis, primarily in support of the Federal Highway Administration.

While Mayor, the City of Fairfax implemented a trolley car system between downtown Fairfax and Mason when there were only 6,000 students.  Ridership was insufficient to continue it.

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