Planning Commission

The City of Fairfax Planning Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council to plan for the future development of the city.

Among its common duties, the Planning Commission:
Prepares the Comprehensive Plan;
Reviews the Comprehensive Plan every five years to determine the need for revisions;
Reviews and acts on applications to subdivide land;

Makes recommendations to City Council on:
Capital Improvement Program
Applications for rezoning; and
Zoning Text Amendments.

Joseph Harmon

Member, Fairfax City Planning Commission
President, Questox Corporation

As an IT project management professional, I am an experienced website developer who enjoys the creative side of computers. I am the owner of a new media company providing websolutions at and Additionally, I am involved in my local community, and have been appointed by the City Council to a few boards and commissions in the City of Fairfax.

Fairfax City Economic Development Authority

The Fairfax City EDA fosters economic development to promote strong commercial revenue, sustainable jobs, and resources for residents by attracting, expanding, retaining, and supporting small business professionals, retailers, and hospitality.

The EDA is an organization that promotes a vibrant, growing business environment for city residents. In addition, this supportive environment will assist businesses to start and grow in the city, which creates a strong and sustainable community. A core component of the EDA’s responsibilities involves attracting quality businesses to the City by making it easier to relocate and establish businesses within the city.

The EDA is comprised of seven commissioners, independently appointed by the City Council for four year terms. Though a separate unit of government, the EDA works closely with Fairfax City Hall through the Director of Economic Development.

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