Fairfax City Public Works

The employees of the Department of Public Works strive to provide efficient, cost-effective and high quality services to the citizens of the City of Fairfax.

The largest department in the City of Fairfax, consisting of four divisions, Public Works is responsible for functions that keep the City operating.

Fairfax City Transportation Division

The goal of the Transportation Division is to provide a safe, functional and attractive multi-modal network of sidewalks, bicycle paths, public transportation options and roadways within the City of Fairfax.

Transportation planning in the City should be viewed from both the local and regional perspectives. The City of Fairfax, located 15 miles outside of Washington, D.C., is centrally located within the D.C. metropolitan area.  The City’s multimodal transportation system, comprised of public transportation, bicycle routes, sidewalks, and roadways, provides important transportation connections within both the City and the region.


Two-Year Transportation Program

Fairfax City is in the process of developing a two-year transportation program to address the community’s priorities for new transportation infrastructure and programs and wants your input!

Open house on Monday, September 18 at 7pm at City Hall

The Two-Year Program is the City’s short-term work plan to implementing the City’s long term transportation vision. The Two-Year Program will be updated every year to add one additional out year. The long term transportation vision is described in the Multimodal Transportation Plan.


David Summers

Director of Public Works, City of Fairfax, VA

Manage the over 160 employees of the Department of Public Works.

Creation and implementation of an 11 million dollar operating budget and over a 20 million dollar Capital Project Budget. The department provides efficient, cost-effective and high quality services to the citizens of the City of Fairfax.

Wendy Block Sanford

Transportation Director, City of Fairfax, Virginia

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