Monica Backmon

Executive Director, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority

At its April meeting, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority voted unanimously to select Monica Backmon as the Authority’s Executive Director.

“The Authority is proud to have Ms. Backmon lead this organization. Over the past seven years, she has worked tirelessly and collaboratively with our regional partners and staff to advance the role of NVTA and establish the Authority as a trusted organization. Her solid experience of public administration and her strong commitment to public service is exactly the kind of leadership that the Authority needs,” said Marty Nohe, Chairman of the Authority.

Girls on the Run of NOVA

At Girls on the Run of NOVA, we are creating a community of girls empowered to be their best, by teaching them the skills they need to be strong, confident, and healthy women.

Fairfax Citizens for Smarter Growth

Our mission is to help Fairfax City reshape its built environment to create an exceptional place to live and work.

We envision a Fairfax City that is financially sound and provides its citizens with an exceptional quality of life through strategic redevelopment opportunities. Quality of life is what we’re after; economic vitality is the engine.

We support goal-directed higher density redevelopment.  By allowing more compact, mixed-use, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly development, the city will be better off financially and in spirit.

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