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GMU Facilities focuses on: Campus Planning & Design, Project Management & Construction, Facilities Management, Parking, Transportation,  and Sustainability .


Human Resources

Facilities Management

Jon Mathus

Please take this recommendation for Jon Mathus to receive the next employee of the month.

Jon is an all-around rockstar! He has impeccable attendance and is one of my most trusted employees. Over the past year, I have asked a lot of the entire team but Jon is one that I can call with any special requests and I know that it will be taken care of. In the past few months, Jon has been a great asset in training new staff as well as loaner staff during Fausto’s more than 3 months out with a broken hand. All at the same time, Recycling has seen a significant increase in the amount of cardboard we receive each day and Jon has been willing to go the extra mile to keep up with it all without as much as one complaint. Jon sets the standard for work ethic in our shop and is always wiling to help any other team without even being asked to.

I know that Recycling was never even recommended for this during Ron’s time here and I have been slacking but the team and I all agree that Jon truly deserves this recognition. Thank you for your consideration.
Dustin Adams
Manager of Recycling and Waste Management
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030 Mail Stop 1E4

Real Estate Management

The role of the Real Estate Management is to oversee overall leasing conformance at
George Mason University, with objectives to:

• Maintain and update the master lease at all of the campuses of George Mason University.
• Lead overall lease responsibility for the leasing projects.
• Insures the University’s lease guidelines are current on all lease issues.

Real Estate Leased Space

Peter Rosen
Real Estate Management
Tel: (703) 993-3146

Kendra Courtenay
Lease Coordinator
Tel: (703) 993-2528

Capital Finance

Capital Finance group provides budgetary oversight and financial support to both external
and internal customers for the University’s Capital Projects.

As such the team is responsible for:

  • Issuing bonds and tracking legislative funding sources
  • Monitoring and reconciling project budgets
  • Facilitating the payment of invoices for the planning, design, and construction
    phases of Capital Projects.

Contact List

Alex Iszard
Associate Director, Contract and Finance
Tel: (703) 993-9220
FAX: (703) 993-4321
MSN: 2C1

Sanaullah Shaikh (Sana)
Senior Capital Budget Analyst
Tel: (703) 993-8800
FAX: (703) 993-4321
MSN: 2C1

Matt Johnson
Capital Budget Analyst
Tel: (703) 993-2509
FAX: (703) 993-4321
MSN: 2C1

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