New Projects Overview


Below are some of the plans and possible new projects for the Mason Neighborhood.

West Campus Vision

George Mason hosted a three-day planning workshop on May 22,23,and 24, 2017, to explore various short and long term visions for the Fairfax West Campus and Southwest Sector and its connections to Fairfax City, Fairfax County and region.

George Mason University students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well county staff, residents, and businesses, were invited to attend any or all of the scheduled sessions during the three-day workshop.

Mason Strategic Plan

Our Goal: George Mason University – A university for the world

The Mason idea

Our core institutional characteristics

Innovative = We question current thinking and try new ideas. We honor time-tested academic principles while striving to create new forms of education that serve our students better and new paths of research that can uncover solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Diverse = We bring together a multitude of people and ideas in everything that we do. Our culture of inclusion, our multidisciplinary approach, and our global perspective, make us more effective educators and scholars.

Entrepreneurial = We put ideas into action. We educate students to create as well as carry out jobs; become agents of positive change; and add value through government or business, for profit or nonprofit organizations, academia or the arts. We pursue discoveries that can make a difference in the world. We help our community thrive socially, economically and culturally.

Accessible = We are an open and welcoming community. We partner with public and private organizations in our region and around the world. We proactively engage with our community. We define our success by how many talented students with potential we serve, not how many we leave out.

Fairfax City Comprehensive Plans

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s official policy guide for future development-related decisions. This Plan is general and long-range in nature, and provides a picture of how the community wishes to develop over the next 15 to 20 years.

The current plan was adopted by the City Council on April 10, 2012. A new Livable Fairfax plan “Preparing the City’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan is under development this year.

Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan  is used as a guide in decision-making about the built and natural environment by the county’s Board of Supervisors and other agencies, such as the Planning Commission.

The Area II plan is the area encompassing most of the Mason Neighborhood including Fairfax City and Mason.

Driverless Electric Vehicle Shuttles

Proposal for replacing Mason shuttles on the Fairfax campus with Driverless Electric Vehicles which we are calling DEVs. DEVs could be also be used to connect the Fairfax Campus with downtown Fairfax City. Second DEV phase implementation can include replacing CUE bus system.

Mason Farm & Ribbon Park

Use portion of Mason’s West Campus and Shirley Gate-Braddock (SG-B) properties to produce food for campus dining facilities, local groceries, and restaurants. Connect properties with main campus via ribbon park.

Braddock Mixed-use Development

Expand Mason’s Innovative Neighborhood plans (Oxbridge?) by creating infrastructure and development guidelines for mixed use development along Braddock and Shirley Gate roads.


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