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The City of Fairfax is making it easier and more affordable for residents and businesses to install solar power.


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Some reasons to Solarize

• Free Assessments: Solarize NOVA offers free solar site assessments and home energy checkups to help homeowners figure out if solar is right for their home and budget.

• More Affordable than EverWith a federal income tax credit of 30%, a bulk discount rate of 15-18% and the prices of solar equipment dropping drastically over the last several years, going solar is more affordable than ever.

• Head Off Rising Energy Costs: Energy rates are rising 2 percent annually. Solar customers regularly see an 8 percent or better return on investment.

• Higher Home Values: Homes with solar have appraisal premiums of 3-6 percent.

Solarize NOVA Informational Video


First Zero Energy home in Fairfax City

Published April 15, 2017  | cityoffairfaxva

Take a tour of the first Zero Energy Ready home in the City of Fairfax and learn a few helpful tips in making your home more energy efficient. House on corner of Sager Street and Addison Road.


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