Bob Smith

Director, Mason Small Business Development Center, George Mason University

Over 30 years’ experience creating, managing and funding start-up businesses in print and digital media. Spending most of my time helping new startups avoid making any of my old mistakes. Always looking for the next opportunity.

Specialties: Business strategy, online content/community, start-up development and financing, hand puppets

Neil Agate

Software Technology Executive & Entrepreneur, Four Gates LLC
Co-founder, Capitol Polo Club

Focus: Health-related startups{ Healthcare IT / Collaboration / Software / Equestrian Sports Polo / Technology

Four Gates, LLC is a Business and Technology Services firm. We assists our clients in addressing complex problems by focusing on both business and technology related issues. By doing this we are able to develop solutions that are not only technically feasible but also address underlying business issues. We deliver our services through two integrated divisions, Technology Services and Business Services.


Phimolwan (Aung) Shepelev

Assistant Director, Mason Small Business Development Center, Mason Enterprise Center at Geroge Mason University

Aung Shepelev coordinates services that generate over $9 million in capital formation, 25 new business starts, 200 new jobs, and 650 retained jobs per year.

Aung has  a thorough knowledge and hand-on experience with Mason Small Business Development Center and strong experience in project management, customer service, and operation control.

Aung has a Master of Business Administration from George Mason University.

Nicole Geller

Member, Board of Trustees, George Mason University Foundation, Inc.
Private Investor, Strategic Growth for Successful Exits at Wiljax LLC

Helping companies gain clarity and focus in their strategic growth to realize a successful exit. Ensuring strategic plans are integrated throughout the enterprise, from hiring to BD, to fully transform and align an organization to meet its desired goals.

When do you wish to exit? How much time is needed to prepare for an exit? What is of value to potential buyers? Understanding these different factors can drive real economic value to the seller. Are you maximizing your firm's selling potential?

John Casey

Managing Director, Venture Mentors
Former Director, Mason Small Business Development Center and Entrepreneur in Residence

Corey Brown

Director: Web Services at Knucklepuck
Founder and CEO, No Treble website

Corey Brown’s expertise in designing, inventing, building, leading, founding and tweaking successful websites spans more than two decades and a host of site types, from publishing and e-commerce to social platforms and user-generated content.

As founder and CEO of No Treble, Corey built the most-read magazine for bassists, online or off. No Treble reaches 240,000 people a month and boasts more than 200,000 Facebook fans.

Karl Grover

Analytics and Advisory, BRAND reservoir, Baltimore area
Mentor, Mason Summer Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program

Scott Joy

Board Member, Elections onAir 
, onAir Technology
Hubs: Virginia Elections and Mason-Fairfax

Interests:  Catalyzing Innovation, Tech Entrepreneurship, Healthy and Sustainable Communities

Zip code: 22030

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