Opptu Business Plan


Mission Statement (200 characters or less)

Business Model Canvas


Lessons Learned

2 Minute Video

Investor Pitch Deck

 1- Value Propositions

What customer problems are you helping to solve ?



What customer needs are you satisfying?



What are key features of your product/service that match customer problems/needs?



2- Customer Segments

Who are your most important customers?

What are their archetypes?

What job do they want you to get done for them?



3- Channels

Through which channels (sales, distribution, support) do your customers want to be reached?



4- Customer Relationships

How will you get, keep, and grow customers?



5- Revenue Streams

How will you make money?

What is revenue model?



What are pricing tactics

6- Key Partners

Who are your Key Partners?

Who are your key suppliers?

What are you getting from them…and giving to them?


7- Key Activities

What Key Activities do you require?


8- Key Resources

What Key Resources do you require?


9- Cost Structure

What are most important costs inherent in your business model?

What is mix of fixed and variable costs?





Key People


Sustainable Competitive Advantage




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